European Union Day

European Union Day


This May ninth was Europe Day across the European Union and here at María Auxiliadora, we chose to celebrate it in various ways. The students learned all about the history and importance of the European Union through diverse activities.

In Infantile, the students learned about various countries in the European Union. They learned about many different countries by coloring the countries flag. For example, in First of Infantile, they learned about Ukraine and Sweden. They also learned about some of the typical foods and traditions from each country.

In primary school, they spent their time learning about the continent of Europe and the incredible history that has taken place here. They listened to presentations given that discussed the history, culture, and values of the European Union. All tailored to their level of English.  Throughout the primary courses, the students learned even more by playing games and doing crafts. They learned to identify different countries´ flags and facts through skill-based games and information finding activities. The students also practiced what they learned from the presentation by creating cootie catchers to ask each other questions about the European Union.

In E.S.O, the students learned about the history and the intricacies of the European Union. How the EU influences their everyday life and how it can open many doors in their future.  They explored these topics through many different activities. They learned about different countries through memory games and interactive activities like Ka-hoot. The students competed to see who knew the most capitals of the European countries as well.  They also learned about the history of the EU through entertaining videos and discussions. All of this was followed by a rigorous debate about ¨What do you think are the most important European values?¨.

As you can see, the students took full advantage of this important day and learned many things about their part in the EU.

You can see what we have done in the following video